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Our Burgundy limestone products carry the Geographical Indication Pierre de Bourgogne, a guarantee that they are sourced and processed in Burgundy.

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Beaunotte DCN

Beaunotte DCN comes in a natural blend of beige colours. It is ideal for a non-slip antique finish. It is suitable for interior and exterior use and is highly frost resistant. It is extracted in the commune of Beaunotte where Beauvalon, Beauvillon, Boisvillon, and Montigny are also extracted.

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Lanvignes Golden-yellow

Lanvignes Golden-yellow, with its warm colours and numerous small shells, will bring interest and variety to your living room floor or outside paving. Lavignes is also known as Coulmier or Flavigny.

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Semond light & yellow

The Semond quarry has different levels producing a variety of colours ranging from off-white to golden yellow.

Popular finishes are honed or antique brushed with sawn or chiseled edges. Our standard tile sizes range from 300 x 300 to 900 x 600 mm. Also fixed widths and random lengths or different Roman Opus patterns. Amongst our other products are treads and risers, pool surrounds and coping. Our stone is suitable for interior and exterior use, some even in high frost areas.



We are fortunate to have been granted an I.G. (Geographical Indication) for all our stone products guaranteeing that not only are they 100% European but that they are entirely extracted and manufactured in Burgundy using environmentally friendly processes.

No problem for the Certificates of Origin now required and no tariffs / customs duty.

To comply with Brexit requirements we will need to give you:

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing list
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Customs declaration (the UN tariff classification for limestone rough blocks is: 25-15-20, and for tiles is: 68-02-29)
  • If you have an EORI starting with GB and an international VAT registration number we will invoice tax free and you will need to pay UK VAT at the UK entry point (currently 20%) or have it deferred. The new paperwork is complicated and probably best to use a competent Customs Agent for the time being to avoid delays.
  • For customers not registered with EORI and VAT we may be required to charge UK VAT on departure from our factory and pay it to HMRC but this could well change.


We have secured our factory and showroom to protect fully our workforce and customers.  Regulations permitting we welcome your visit to our showroom.

Burgundy Limestone

Tiles and paving for your living room, terrace or pool surround.

• We source mainly from local quarries within a 30 km radius. These quarries are rehabilitated to their original state after extraction.
• Unlike all other flooring materials, limestone tiles do not require any heat process, hence the minimum release of CO2
• The water we use during processing is entirely filtered and recycled.
• The filtered sludge is dried and supplied as agricultural lime to farmers.
• Our tiles are beneficial for the home environment. Unlike many competitive products, there is no emission of volatile organic compounds.

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A smarter choice for you and the environment!


Reduced CO2 footprint


Recycling of natural resources


Complete mining rehabilitation


Locally sourced and processed


Zero organic emission