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Our Burgundy limestone products carry the Geographical Indication Pierre de Bourgogne, a guarantee that they are sourced and processed in Burgundy.

Beaunotte DCN

Beaunotte DCN comes in a natural blend of beige colours. It is ideal for a non-slip antique finish. It is suitable for interior and exterior use and is highly frost resistant. It is extracted in the commune of Beaunotte where Beauvalon, Beauvillon, Boisvillon, and Montigny are also extracted.

home lavignes golden yellow

Lanvignes Golden-yellow

Lanvignes Golden-yellow, with its warm colours and numerous small shells, will bring interest and variety to your living room floor or outside paving. Lavignes is also known as Coulmier or Flavigny.

home semond lighty ellow

Semond light & yellow

The Semond quarry has different levels producing a variety of colours ranging from off-white to golden yellow.

Popular finishes are honed or antique brushed with sawn or chiseled edges. Our standard tile sizes range from 300 x 300 to 900 x 600 mm. Also fixed widths and random lengths or different Roman Opus patterns. Amongst our other products are treads and risers, pool surrounds and coping. Our stone is suitable for interior and exterior use, some even in high frost areas.


BURGUNDY LIMESTONE has THERMAL MASS that retains and radiates heat – ideal for underfloor heating and the zero carbon ready homes of the future.

LIGHT COLOURED BURGUNDY LIMESTONE reflects the sun and remains cool in the summer.

BURGUNDY LIMESTONE in a brushed finish provides a non-slip surface for pool surrounds and outside terraces.

BURGUNDY LIMESTONE TILES can be used both inside and outside in moderate and some in severe frost areas enabling inside flooring to be projected onto outside terraces and garden kitchens.

NATURE having already provided pressure and heat to harden limestone over millions of years no CO2 (Carbon) is required to produce Burgundy limestone tiles. This compares with the 1200°C FURNACES needed to produce Ceramic and Sintered imitations. Concrete imitations are no better as concrete production accounts for around 8% of the world’s CO2 emissions.

THE CURRENT PRACTICE OF CARBON OFFSETTING sounds great but some of the projects involved such as planting trees will often be little more than greenwashing. We urgently need to stop producing vast quantities of CO2 and to concentrate on protecting the remaining primeval forests.

THERE ARE NO VOLATILE ORGANIC EMISSIONS from resins or HARMFUL SILICA DUST produced when processing our stone.

WOODEN DECKING made from renewable sources requires chemical treatment and will eventually decay whereas stone can last forever.

CHILD LABOUR is increasing again. Buying G.I. (Geographic Indication) Burgundy Limestone guarantees that no child or poorly paid labour is used to produce our stone.

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A smarter choice for you and the environment!


Reduced CO2 footprint


Recycling of natural resources


Complete mining rehabilitation


Locally sourced and processed


Zero organic emission