A creamy-beige to golden-ochre limestone which sometimes has ochre veining. Some cloudy small crushed marine fossils and occasional crystalline veins. Recommended for brushed or antique finishes. 

Oolithic limestone with fine grain, light beige with a fine matrix and presence of small crushed fossils in varying quantities with a cloudy appearance.

Limestone off-white with fine to medium grain, some broken fossils present.

A yellow ochre limestone sometimes dappled, with small crushed fossils, medium to fine grain. Recommended for brushed finish.

Limestone cream sometimes with a little gold, medium to fine grain, presence of fossils of various sizes.

Off-white limestone, cream, traces of fossils, a “natural” aged appearance. Recommended for brushed finish.

Cream to beige limestone, occasionally dappled, very fine matrix, traces of fossils. Recommended for honed finish.

Oolithic limestone with encrines, yellow background with dotted light beige, medium and fine grain.

An off-white limestone, sometimes with light veining, medium to fine grain, some very small crushed marine fossils.

Limestone dark beige to brown sometimes ochre, medium veining, some crushed fossils.

Limestone with very fine compact grain, dense matrix, background colour midnight blue to light blue depending on finish, presence of marine fossils.

Levels defining the climatic zones for use of stone in exterior applications, following standard nf en 12371
Very light frost

Not more than 2 days with temperatures inferior to -5°C

Light frost

Not more than 4 days with temperatures inferior to -6°C

Moderate frost

Not more than 10 days with temperatures inferior to -10°C

Severe frost

More than 10 days with temperatures inferior to -10°C